Muddy Creek Soap Company

My name is Beverly Kelly-Carfagno, Muddy Creek Soap Company is my female owned and operated handmade soap and bath products company.

I was always interested in the process of making handmade soaps, and the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy. Every time I bought some at a craft show it would always make my skin look and feel so much better than store bought soaps. I was tired of having itchy skin and allergic reactions from store bought perfumery smelling commercial soaps. I would sneeze every time I would wash my face and scratch my legs like crazy because my skin would be dried out from all the chemicals and perfumes. Did you know that the soap you find in the grocery store isn’t soap at all? Rather, it is a detergent created by chemicals and machines. Muddy Creek Soaps are made with natural and organic products, such as olive, coconut, palm, castor oils, essential oils, natural and organic butters, herbs and botanicals. This is what makes my soap have all the great qualities like long lasting, foamy lather, and most of all, a lower PH – no more itchy skin!

I wanted to learn more and more about the process, so I did a lot of research, went to a seminar and started experimenting with natural and organic ingredients and eliminated harsh chemicals and perfumes that I was using on my body. The more I experimented and gave to my family and friends to try, the more I knew that this was my destiny! With the first batch, I was immediately hooked on the intriguing process and the incredible results, and I couldn’t stop making soap and sharing it with everyone. I’ve always been creative and enjoyed making things from scratch, the art of creating something from scratch and the satisfaction that comes from watching those around you enjoy what you’ve created is so rewarding.

Soap making started as a hobby that I would work on nights and weekends and started giving my soaps as gifts for holidays or special occasions, and then January 2010, I lost my job so I decided that this is the time to see if I can make this hobby into something more. I started to build a web site and started making more and more soaps and experimenting with other products like body washes, foaming hand soaps and lotions. Before I knew it I had a whole line of Natural/Organic products!